Facing South Florida: Jim DeFede On Gun Violence

Sunday on Facing South Florida at 11:30, CBS4’s Jim DeFede explores how threats and taunts on social media have escalated gun violence across Miami-Dade. Plus, a State Senator’s push to give law enforcement more power to address the issue and trying to get the community to talk.

Video Transcript

- This week on "Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede," he explores how threats and taunts on social media escalate into the type of gun violence we're now seeing. It's a difficult topic that led to some sharp words, including this exchange between Ruban Roberts from the NAACP and State Senator Jason Pizzo.


RUBAN ROBERTS: Jim, I have to jump-- I have to jump in here because I want to make something clear for the record. I never give up on any of my kids or adults. Understand that for the record. I don't care if he has 10 guns around him. Everybody is redeemable in my book, and I want that to be understood. Don't ever, ever misinterpret when I'm saying that I give up on a Black man, Black child--

JASON PIZZO: I didn't say give up. But you said--

RUBAN ROBERTS: No, I'm just saying that I'm just-- I don't want that perception to be out there, OK?

JASON PIZZO: But, Ruban, I listen-- I listen to everything. And when you said, by the time he gets to a kid on social media with a gun, he's gone.

RUBAN ROBERTS: Yeah, that doesn't--

JASON PIZZO: And I agree with that.

RUBAN ROBERTS: --mean I gave up on that kid. When I say--

JASON PIZZO: I didn't suggest--

RUBAN ROBERTS: If I-- if I said it-- and I have to play the tape back-- I don't mean that I'm giving up on the kid. Understand what I'm saying. By the time they have that gun in hand, that mean they're closer to using that gun.

- Very important discussion. Jim tackles the issue of gun violence in South Florida this week on "Facing South Florida." Catch this important 30 minutes of television Sunday morning at 11:30 only right here on CBS 4.