Facing South Florida Preview: HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge

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Video Transcript

- President Joe Biden recently announced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan to improve things like roads, bridges, and airports. Well another part of that plan calls for building two million new units of affordable housing in the next eight years. CBS4'S Jim DeFede spoke to HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge today about the likelihood of getting Republicans to support that bill.

MARCIA FUDGE: As it relates to bipartisanship, I am just so very concerned, as are you and so many others, that things that we have always supported together, like infrastructure, now have become a bone of contention. It is something that we all know that we have needed for a very long time. Almost every bridge in this country needs repair. Almost every major road in this country needs repair. Our system of education, school buildings, our infrastructure, they need repair. And I could go on and on.

But I would say that at some point the American people are going to have to decide what they want and tell their representatives, I don't want you to continue to fight this. This is something that is going to create millions of jobs-- millions of jobs. Construction jobs, 100,000 construction jobs just alone. So I think that we all do believe we need infrastructure. It's just a game that is being played that I think has become a very, very old and dangerous game.

- Well you can watch the full interview this Sunday on "Facing South Florida" with Jim DeFede. That's Sunday morning at 11:30 right here on CBS4.