Factbox: A look inside Apple's new iPhone 5S and 5C

Handout image released by iFixit.com shows a disassembled Apple iPhone 5S handset during a product teardown in Melbourne, Australia September 20, 2013. Watermark added at source. REUTERS/iFixIt.com/Handout via Reuters

(Reuters) - Apple Inc's newest smartphone models hit stores on Friday in many countries across the world, including Australia and China. For the first time, Apple is selling a second smartphone dubbed the "5C" featuring a plastic back and bright colors. The pricier "5S" now comes in three new colors - gray, silver and gold.

Technology firm iFixit disassembled a gold-colored iPhone 5S and examined its parts and then took apart a 5C model.

Following are some of the key parts for the 5S model:

* Chips from Avago Technologies Ltd and Skyworks Solutions Inc are featured in the iPhone5S.

* Companies supplying parts for the new phone also include South Korean memory chipmaker SK Hynix Inc and radio-frequency chipmaker TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.

* Broadcom Corp's BCM5976 chip is used for the touchscreen controller.

* Murata Manufacturing Co's 339S0205 (based on the Broadcom BCM4334) Wi-Fi module.

* Includes chips from Qualcomm Inc (PM8018 RF power management IC) and Texas Instruments Inc.

Following are some key points of the 5C model:

* The hardware design on the 5C appears more similar to the 5S than to the iPhone 5

* The 5C uses a Toshiba Corp 16 gigabyte flash memory chip

Information is from iFixit, a web site offering parts and self-repair guides for Apple iPods and Macintosh computers.

(Reporting By Richard Pullin and Poornima Gupta; Editing by Ian Geoghegan)