Fairborn named most patriotic city in Ohio

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May 27—Fairborn, home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, was named the most patriotic city in Ohio by a national insurance comparison company that rated cities based on the population of active personnel and veterans.

Insurify named 50 cities in all 50 states as the most patriotic, according to the company's website.

"This award recognizes the communities whose citizens have set an honorable example in selfless service to their nation," the company said in a press release. "It is also a testament to these communities' dedication to, and support of, these Americans. This Memorial Day Weekend, Fairborn residents can celebrate this award with pride."

Wright-Patterson has more than 32,000 military, civilian and contract employees that work on the base.

According to the company, Insurify used their own database of people who applied for home or auto insurance to see who listed if they were active-duty officers or veterans. The communities with the greatest proportion of active military personnel and veterans were identified as the most patriotic city for their respective states.

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