Fairmont resident pleads not guilty to felony fraud, conspiracy

Aug. 24—FAIRMONT — A 39-year-old Diana, West Virginia man pleaded not guilty to felony fraud and conspiracy in a Fairmont courtroom Tuesday after being arrested by local authorities.

Kevin E. Freeman's plea marked the latest update to a case that began in February, when he was arrested and charged with criminal activity by the State. Currently, Freeman faces three separate charges, two of which were addressed this week in court.

His first charge is felony-level fraud surrounding "access devices." The charge encompasses the misuse of methods to transfer or obtain money and valuables with the intent to commit fraud, per state law.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Webster County, West Virginia, on February 7, a woman told police that Freeman used her husband's debit card at least 10 times without authorization, a day after Freeman had allegedly stolen the woman's car.

During a February 15 hearing in Webster County Magistrate Court, Freeman said, "he was the one that did the transaction" on the victim's debit card, according to the criminal complaint.

In West Virginia, individuals convicted of this crime can face fines up to $10,000, 10 years of imprisonment in a state penitentiary, or both.

Freeman's second charge is conspiracy to defraud or commit an offense against the state.

If Freeman faces conviction on this charge, he will must face "not less than one nor more than five years" of imprisonment in a state penitentiary, up to $10,000 in fines, or both, per state law.

In February, Freeman pleaded not guilty to a third charge of grand larceny of goods of at least $1,000 in value.

A conviction for this charge would result in imprisonment from one to 10 years, or a fine of $2,500 and less than one year of imprisonment.

Also associated with his charge of grand larceny, Freeman was given a legally binding no-contact order concerning a West Virginia woman. Specific details surrounding the order were not provided.

While specifics surrounding Freeman's case are not yet publicly revealed, he is being held on bonds of $25,000 for grand larceny, and $60,512 for his remaining two charges.

At press time, Freeman remained in the North Central Regional Jail.

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