Fairy tale castle in Scotland can be yours for $37,000. But there’s a pricey catch

Fairy tales really can come true — if you believe strongly enough and happen to have $37,000 … with a little extra stored away for a rainy day.

Okay, maybe a lot extra.


Exciting opportunity for a philanthropic individual or organization to secure the future of Brough Lodge, an historic Grade ‘A’ Listed property set in around 40 acres in an idyllic coastal position on the island of Fetlar, which lies off the east coast of Mainland Shetland,” the listing on RightMove.co.uk describes.


The listing says it’s accepting offers of about $37,000, and though that seems like a dream, a new owner must walk in with both eyes wide open since it’s going to cost a great deal for the property to be renovated.


“The house was last occupied in the 1970s, and remained largely untouched until Brough Lodge Trust was formed in 1997 with the aim of restoring the property,” the listing says. “Work was undertaken to conserve the building. In particular, extensive repairs were carried out between 2011 and 2014, which included replacing much of the roof structure and making the building wind and watertight. However, it still needs major internal restoration.”

Castle grounds

The property’s trust says it estimates millions would have to go into the property to update it completely — almost $15 million, BBC reported.

Castle grounds

The Brough Lodge Trust has given careful consideration to the most appropriate means of conserving the lodge and its ancillary buildings. The focus has been on identifying a viable use for this distinctive building,” the listing says.

Castle grounds

“The Trust concluded that the property is best suited to the development of a world-class ‘retreat’ that will delight all who visit it.

Massive window

“The building’s historic character would be fully respected. New accommodation, sensitive to its setting, would offer up to 24 double bedrooms and other essential facilities, including an elevated dining room.”


The castle sits on the island of Fetlar, “which lies off the east coast of the island of Yell towards the northern end of Shetland,” the listing says.

The island is home to about 70 people and is roughly 405 miles northeast of Edinburgh.

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