Faith Leaders Held Prayer Walks Against Violence, For Economic Revitalization In Chicago

Faith leaders across the city took a stand Saturday against the violence in Chicago.

Video Transcript

- Faith leaders across the city are taking a stand against violence in Chicago.

- We thank you for entrepreneurs that are going to open up new businesses down this corridor.

- They held a prayer walk through the West Garfield Park community. Their motto is dollars up and deaths down. Their aim is to stimulate economic activity in some of Chicago's most underserved neighborhoods which have recently seen an increase in crime. These same communities have also been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

MICHAEL EADDY: We're believing God for an economic revitalization of our city in all of its corridors, and we're believing for that grip of violence to be broken over our community.

- Similar marches were held today in the business districts of 17 other communities, including Englewood, Hyde Park, Edgewater, and South Shore.