Faith Leaders Slam Trump

In US news and current events today, church leaders and faith leaders across the country are slamming President Donald Trump for gassing peaceful protesters to stage a photo op with a bible in front of the St. John's Episcopal church in Washington D.C.

As the Black Lives Matter protests rocked D.C., President Trump allegedly wanted a show of force after being rushed to a protective bunker the night before. To that end, a crowd of peaceful protesters were gassed and dispersed thirty minutes before curfew began, after which Donald J. Trump walked to the church and held up a bible for thirty seconds. Using the church as a political tool has drawn condemnation from leaders of all faiths, from Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde to Jesuit priest Father James Martin and Rabbi Jack Moline, these interfaith leaders do not condone using violence to stage a photo op at a holy place of worship.

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