How to fake basic knowledge of the Chicago Blackhawks

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The Chicago Blackhawks will start their 2021/2022 campaign against the Colorado Avalanche tonight in Denver. Justin gets you ready with tips on how to cheer for the Hawks, even if you aren't into hockey.

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  • Between the lines: The organization has (so far) avoided the social reckoning in sports. They say that the Blackhawks name is honoring a great leader, Black Hawk of the Sac and Fox Nation, and likes to trot out that those tribes have signed off. But if you are uncomfortable cheering for a team that uses Native American imagery (for a historically very non-Native American sport), you can just call them the Hawks.

  • Mustache curse: The Hawks have really struggled since the end of the coach Joel Quenneville era. Last year, they didn't make the playoffs. The only two players left from the Stanley Cup champion teams of the 2010s are Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. Those two youngsters are now 33 years old.

  • If you go: Hockey can be hard to watch on television. The puck is hard to find! But I will argue that there is no better sports experience in Chicago than watching the Hawks live at the United Center. From the way they light up the ice in team colors to the celebration after a goal, it's definitely a must-do in Chicago.

Three quick tidbits:

  • Jonathan Toews is pronounced with a V. "Tay-vs."

  • In hockey, they don't call the uniform a jersey. They call it a "sweater."

  • If you go to the United Center to watch the game, don't be alarmed at people screaming and yelling during the National Anthem. It's our thing.

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