Fall festival postponed due to COVID concerns

Sep. 20—MORVEN — The Morven Town Council announced this month that the town's annual fall festival scheduled for Oct. 30 has been postponed with the possibility of an event happening in the spring, if at all. This change comes after a rise in COVID-19 cases in Anson County since early July.

This year's festival was supposed to be something simple after COVID canceled 2020's iteration. The Town Council wanted to still practice social distancing while doing something fun for the community. The original plan was a "Night Out in Morven" at the park to get people active and out of their homes after being stuck in quarantine, plus a treat for the kids. People would come from 3 p.m. — 6 p.m. with informational vendors about higher education and COVID vaccines, free food provided by the town, and games and a movie for the kids, according to Town Clerk Corinthia L. Lewis-Lemon.

After that would be jazz and karaoke in the park for the adults. It was intended as a way to "readjust to the new normal," Lewis-Lemon said, and get people venturing out of their homes to socialize.

As the date got closer, the organizers "Night Out in Morven" transitioned to a bigger event later on and a committee took over the original template of plans — still a safe, outside event but bigger. Ultimately, it has been postponed. There are talks about a "Taste of Morven" in the spring if COVID has subsided but that is to be determined.

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