Fall Is In Full Swing at McCoy Consulting, LLC with Mini-Courses to Address Timely Issues on Race in the Workplace

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It would be safe to say, things over at McCoy Consulting, LLC are ramping up this fall. Dr. Amera McCoy, founder, owner, and CEO, and her team have launched a series of mini-courses, one released every Saturday this month.

These courses are specifically designed to address timely workplace issues companies might be struggling to understand and control. In a time of cultural unrest in our country, and when businesses are particularly vulnerable, Dr. McCoy touches on sensitive issues companies must face head-on to maintain a healthy work culture for all.

Breaking Unconscious Bias — Course #1 ($99)

The first mini-course, titled ‘Breaking Unconscious Bias,’ launched Saturday, October 10th. Designed with Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, and Hiring Managers in mind, this class will walk you through how to address unconscious bias in the workplace successfully. A tricky concept because it is an unconscious response, Dr. McCoy adds that “we must work consciously to address behavior that is second nature and bias towards others.”

Empathetic Communication with Black Employees During Times of Civil Unrest — Course #2 ($99)

On Saturday, October 17th, Dr. McCoy’s second mini-course goes live addressing ‘Empathetic Communication with Black Employees During Times of Civil Unrest.’ Also designed for Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, and Hiring Managers, this course is for anyone struggling to communicate with their black employees during these uncertain times. If you are reluctant to engage in conversation with black employees because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing, this course can offer some solutions. Dr. McCoy will teach you how to approach racism and bias and help you communicate with current and future employees of color.

Becoming a Business Coach — Course #3 ($99)

The course topic for the last Saturday of the month isBecoming a Business Coach. Presented by Forbes Coaches Council member, Dr. Amera McCoy, this course is for anyone seeking information on what it takes to become a full-time business coach. Learn how to guide business owners by helping them clarify their vision and reach their business goals. Dr. McCoy reveals the key components of learning how to help businesses move from where they currently exist to where they want to be.

A Valuable Mini-course Bundle

Dr. McCoy’s mini-courses bundle is available for $199. She has not only created these informative courses, she also provides a wealth of information to accompany them. Courses have visual content, printed content, and course participants can access the material library, which includes various topics and resources.

Free resources

Dr. McCoy also makes free resources available to anyone through her website. She shares that, “as a business owner, I searched for information to avoid mistakes and failures. Rarely did I find things I could use.” For this reason, Dr. McCoy dedicates much of her time releasing articles, workshops, and training guides that are helpful to business owners. Follow the link on her homepage to discover a wealth of free information.

Keeping a strong pace

Dr. Amera McCoy is closing 2020 with a strong pace and she’s focused on providing businesses with the information they seek regarding diversity and race in the workplace. All mini-courses are available for sale on an individual basis ($99), or you can save some money and get the bundle ($199). In these turbulent times, keep your work culture healthy and your productivity high by learning how to adequately address tricky issues such as bias and racism in the workplace. Join Dr. Amera McCoy every Saturday this month for valuable information to keep your business running strong with a united workforce and a healthy work culture.

For more information on Dr. Amera McCoy and McCoy Consulting, LLC, visit her website McCoy Consulting, LLC, and view her on social media:

Facebook: @mccoyconsultingllc

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