Fall River's Carousel at Battleship Cove will ride again

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Good morning, folks, and not only is it nearly Friday but it’s also National Cheese Lover’s Day! For cheese and those who love it, we salute you.

You may have seen Facebook chatter about how the historic Fall River Carousel is falling apart – not true. That’s the word from parties directly involved in the maintenance and operation of the 30-year-old wood-and-concrete structure overlooking the Taunton River near the entrance to Battleship Cove. In fact, they're already looking forward to the spring and big plans ahead. Read more to find out.

To one Swansea boy, the animatronics at Dartmouth’s Chuck E. Cheese are a staple of this iconic franchise. That’s why Logan Carreiro has taken to Facebook and an online petition. His efforts have caught the attention of CEC Chief Entertainment Officer David McKillips, who will talk with Carreiro this week. Find out why he's so interested in saving the animatronics, and why Chuck E. Cheese is getting rid of them in the first place.

And as the latest COVID surge forces many to re-evaluate their daily activities, a local agency helps families care for aging loved ones without leaving their homes. Bob Gaw, a Fall River resident, co-owns Preferred Residential Network, a home nursing agency that trains people to care for their loved ones, with his wife and daughter. Learn more about his agency, and how it can help families like yours, right here.


Your three-day forecast.
Your three-day forecast.

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