More Chicago area roofs collapse under heavy snow

Chicagoans are urged to take precautions as the massive snowfall starts to melt.

Video Transcript

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Tanya, the damage here is just remarkable. Take a look. Someone could have been under that canopy pumping gas. Fortunately no one was here when it came crashing down. Now it's a heap of twisted and rusted metal.

At around midnight, this canopy over several gas pumps at Ballard and Potter Road in Des Plaines came crashing down. Thankfully no one was underneath as it crumbled from the weight of the heavy snow. Jason Caws came to the 7-eleven Mobil station to take pictures this morning.

MICHAEL JETT: And I won't bring my kids with me to go get gas anymore. We haven't seen anything yet. Once it starts melting and the freezing, it's going to be worse.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: This is becoming a scary sight all over the Chicago area since the heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures. Just this morning, there have been several roof collapses, like this one in the Canaryville neighborhood at 44th and Normal. Firefighters say the house was vacant-- the second floor, falling onto the first like a pancake.

Or this garage that collapsed near Humboldt Park at Richmond and Bloomingdale. No injuries reported there. Then, chopper 7HD capturing images of another breach overnight near 85th and Commercial in the South Chicago neighborhood. Authorities say no one was inside. All of it has people on guard, and many worried about falling ice.

MICHAEL JETT: I do think about it, yeah, because where we live, we see icicles falling all the time.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: Take a look at these pictures snapped early this morning by an injured truck driver. Ice shattered his windshield as he was passing under CTA "L" tracks on Cermak near Wabash. He suffered some cuts to his face from flying glass. The area had to be closed temporarily.

Back here, live, management at the 7-eleven tells me there was no gas leak and they will soon start the cleanup process. Meanwhile, we expect to see more dangerous conditions this week as temperatures start to rise, and of course, that means a lot of falling ice.