Familiar face appears while man scrolls Facebook in Florida. It was his missing cat

A man was browsing his Facebook feed when he stopped on a post from a Florida shelter.

The shelter, SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center in Titusville, was looking for potential adopters for Gumby, a shy cat that could become someone’s “new bestie” if they gave him time.

But that wasn’t Gumby — it was the man’s missing cat, Leroy.

The man found Leroy’s adoption post after a friend had interacted with it, the shelter said Feb. 2 on Facebook. The staff was delighted to see the loving cat be reunited with his owners after months of separation.

“This lovable 8-year-old guy has a heart as big as his love for cozy spots,” the shelter wrote in its original Jan. 24 adoption post.

Someone found Leroy in November roaming around Mims, which is about 20 miles away from his home, the shelter said. The person brought the cat to SPCA of Brevard, where it gave him “the care he needed” to be ready for adoption in December.

Leroy had been missing from his family since August, when his owners moved into a new house in Port St. John.

Upon seeing the photo of Leroy, his owners drove to the shelter to have their long-awaited reunion with their “beloved cat,” the adoption center said.

One of the owners told the shelter they couldn’t imagine “what kind of trials” Leroy had to go through to survive on his own in the wild.

“None of us can believe that he got that far on his own and that he stayed in the center for as long as he did,” the owner said in the post. “But we are glad to have him back.”

Since being picked up from the shelter, Leroy has been resting and relaxing at home, one of his owners told the shelter.

Titusville is about 50 miles northeast of Orlando.

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