Families of boat workers clinging to hope

Family members are hopeful as divers attempt to enter the boat that capsized off the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. (April 16)

Video Transcript

DAWN SADDLER: They really think some are inside. I really think he's in there. I'm praying and hoping he's very good, you know? And the way he was talking was that they would assure me if it's good or whatever. But they really think some are still in that vessel.

- Right.

DAWN SADDLER: But-- so they're going in. And the hope that they're going in there, it makes me feel I'll know for sure. And I know him. He's not ready to go.

STEVEN WALCOTT: Well, we hoping for a miracle. Yeah, we hoping that they're still on there, and they're in a pocket in one of the rooms with the airtight doors, watertight. And they could still be there. We don't know.