Families Of Couple Killed After Pursuit Suspect Slammed Into Their Car Call For End To Chases

Two devastated families held a vigil Friday night at the site of a fatal crash, urging law enforcement to rethink pursuit tactics.

Video Transcript

JEFF VAUGHN: Our top story here on cable news and streaming on CBSN Los Angeles. Tonight, family and friends gathered to remember a young couple who were killed when a police pursuit ends. in a violent crash.

SUZIE SUH: Relatives of the victims are now pleading with police to rethink the tactics that police used during the chases. KCAL 9 Rick Montanez is live in Inglewood with more now, Rick.

RICK MONTANEZ: Suzie and Jeff, both families of course devastated by this. They all came out here tonight to put this Memorial together here at the crash site. These families united in their grief with that plea for law enforcement to rethink pursuit tactics.

Two heartbroken mothers meeting for the first time, embracing as they grieve the loss of their children. A young couple killed late Wednesday night.

ASIA DONES: You know that young love, they both were doing so well.

RICK MONTANEZ: The two families held vigil at the spot where the couple died. Aja Boatwright was 22, a phlebotomist with ambitions of becoming a registered nurse. She and her boyfriend 27-year-old Ryan Davis recently moved in together.

AZIZA KING: My only son, my only child, my only child, my only child, my only child.

RICK MONTANEZ: Security video shows deadly crash, CHP in pursuit of the blue pickup. The driver ran a stop sign and Thibeault and boatwright's car.

AZIZA KING: Less than one minute of a chase cost two innocent people their lives. My son and his girlfriend lost their life.

TRE COTTON: It's unfair. But the chase do have to stop. It's not proving anything. Innocent lives have been lost.

RICK MONTANEZ: CHP arrested the driver after video captured him running from the crash.

ASIA DONES: His family still gets to see him. Were never goint to see ours. All they were doing was on their way home. And just happens?

TRE COTTON: We will be in here every day until it's solved.

RICK MONTANEZ: Two families demanding justice and change.

AZIZA KING: These chases have to stop. Too many lives are being taken.

RICK MONTANEZ: As they struggle to deal with deep grief.

ASIA DONES: All I can do is put my faith in God because you know what, we are torn.

RICK MONTANEZ: The CHP identifies the pursuit driver as 42-year-old Gustavo Willis Junior. Initially, he was wanted for running a red light and suspected of DUI. Now, he's facing murder charges. We're live in Inglewood tonight, Rick Martinez, KCAL 9 News.

SUZIE SUH: Rick, thank you very much.