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Families Of Daunte Wright, George Floyd Come Together In Solidarity

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The Floyd family left the courtroom today to stand in solidarity with the Wright family, Reg Chapman reports (2:31). WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 13, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: Thanks for joining us. The mayor of Brooklyn Center today accepted the resignations of the police chief and the officer involved in the deadly shooting of Daunte Wright.

FRANK VASCELLARO: The former chief said the officer made a mistake and used her gun instead of a taser. Also today, the Wright family came together with the family of George Floyd.

- Say his name!

- Daunte Wright!

- They murdered my nephew!

FRANK VASCELLARO: The Floyd family left the courtroom today to stand in solidarity with the Wright family. Our Reg Chapman has more on the emotional show of support.

PHILONISE FLOYD: To the Wright family, just letting you all know from the Floyd family, you all have our condolences. We will stand in support with you all.

REG CHAPMAN: Two families brought together because of the loss of loved ones. The Floyd family in the middle of a court case, fighting for justice for George Floyd, now extending its hand to a family mourning the loss of Daunte Wright.

BEN CRUMP: If ever there was a time when nobody in America should be killed by police, it was during this pinnacle trial of Derek Chauvin.

REG CHAPMAN: Daunte Wright's family still processing the events that led to their loss. His mother tearfully remembering the moment time stood still when the friend who was with him when he was stopped by Brooklyn Center police answered his phone.

KATIE WRIGHT: Then she pointed the phone towards the driver's seat, and my son was laying there unresponsive. That was the last time that I've seen my son. That's the last time I heard from my son. And I have had no explanation since then.

REG CHAPMAN: What they do have is support from a family that has been where they are headed, a connection they didn't know they had. Floyd's girlfriend, Courteney Ross, was Daunte's teacher for two years at Edison High School. So as a family mourns--

ANGIE GOLDSON: It hurt me to my heart! Daunte was a beautiful child! He might not have been an angel, but he was our angel!

BRANDON WILLIAMS: I don't really have the words.

REG CHAPMAN: Another provides a shoulder to cry on while they work together for change.

BRANDON WILLIAMS: At some point, we need change. At some point, we need better policing. At some point, we need officers to be held accountable, charged, and convicted.

REG CHAPMAN: Reg Chapman, WCCO 4 News.

FRANK VASCELLARO: Attorney Ben Crump is representing both families. He would like to see a federal investigation into policing in Minnesota.