Families fleeing Sudan arrive in neighbouring Chad

STORY: Many refugees arrived at the camp in Mijigilta on foot, carrying few personal belongings, while others used horses and donkeys to travel across the Sudan-Chad border.

Bousseyna Mohamed Arabi spoke of her final hours in her Sudanese hometown: “They came and attacked our village, and when some of us wanted to get out of our houses they killed them.”

Brice Degla, Senior Emergency Coordinator for UNHCR in Chad, told Reuters: “If we fail to act now it will be too late. The rainy season is coming in a few weeks and if we don't provide any assistance to the people, the road will be blocked and all the refugees here will be stuck and we definitely need to provide assistance in terms of water, health and shelter as quickly as possible, food also, in order to ensure that people are safe and protected.”

Since the beginning of the conflict in Sudan, at least 20,000 refugees have fled across the border into Chad, according to the UNHCR.