Families reunited as NY reopens nursing home visits

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country are easing restrictions and opening their doors for the first time since the start of the pandemic, leading to joyous and emotional reunions. (April 2)

Video Transcript

MICHAEL DINISCIA: All right, we'll give you a hug.

- Oh, I missed that.

MICHAEL DINISCIA: You look great.

- I look good?


- You do look good.

MICHAEL DINISCIA: You sure do. You sure do.

It's been just a little over a year. We would come up pretty much every weekend to visit her. And actually, we would always throw a St. Patrick's Day party for her right here in this room. So it was right before it was gonna be our last St. Patrick's party was when COVID hit. So it's been a while.

It's-- it's been a long time. So, um, I was relieved to see how-- how good she looked, all things considered.

DANIEL REINGOLD: Nothing compares to a hug. And nothing compares to seeing a loved one up close. And so that's been really the most invigorating and happy moment is to actually see our families hugging each other for the first time, seeing each other up close. And really, even the tears of happiness that they're shedding has been something that's inspired and lifted up all of our staff.

RONALD KORMAN: My mother has been around longer than the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She beat it out by five years. That's a piece of history.

The emotions, I can't-- I can't explain it, that I still have my mom, I can talk to her, and that taking care-- I know she's taken care of here and that she's in a safe place.