Families are trying to rebuild their lives after winter storm

Families, like Monica Ware's, are working hard to recover and repair their homes after the severe winter storm left unsalvageable damage to their home.

Video Transcript

MONICA WARE: It wasn't salvageable. It was, just, gone.

- This was the place Monica Ware and her family once called home.

MONICA WARE: The beds had to be thrown out. The trash came and got them. Our, mattresses, beds, clothes, shoes, toys, everything.

- Broken pipes caused parts of the ceiling to collapse and flooded the home, forcing the family to start over.

This week, Monica says her landlord claimed a plumber fixed the pipes overnight. She and her husband went to check on the house and found a new leak that caused the ceiling to crack.

MONICA WARE: You're like no. They're saying it's fixed and I obviously walked in and it's not fixed, it's more damaged. He said, "I can't trust them." He said, "We have to go out and find a place."

- Monica says the insulation and pipes were not installed properly to begin with.

Andrew Mitchell, a plumber from New Jersey, and his brother-in-law, Isaiah, traveled to the Houston area to help families in need and have been working seven days straight.

ANDREW MITCHELL: The major problem is they have no water at all. So what we try to do when we go to someone's house, we leave them with water, and we try our best to make sure everything is working. Just like he said, out of the 60 plus people, it's three that we need to get back to.

ISAIAH PINNOCK: But, yeah. I mean, other than that, I would say speaking towards the installation and stuff of that sort, none of these houses were prepped. You know, people had newspapers wrapped around their pipes underneath their houses in the crawl spaces as insulation. Nobody was prepared. Nobody knew that this was going to happen, and it's really tragic.

- They see their supply is running low, and the cost for plumbing supplies has skyrocketed.

- This is essentially, like, prized possessions right here.

ISAIAH PINNOCK: Yeah, this copper is gold.

- Yeah.

ISAIAH PINNOCK: Yeah, this is marked up 600% right now.

- As for Monica and her four children ages 3 to 10, they couldn't wait months for the repairs. With the help of ABC13 Eyewitness viewers donating to their GoFundMe account, Monica was able to find a new place to live.

MONICA WARE: We get to get out of the hotel. They get to be kids and make noise and run around and enjoy themselves.

- They are still without beds or furniture, but they will soon have a new place to call home. Monica says she's going to pay it forward to families who are trying to rebuild their lives, just like hers.

MONICA WARE: It is greatly appreciated, but most importantly your prayers are the most valuable thing that y'all gave us, because in a prayer, no one can take it from me, no one can stand in the way of it. So by them praying for us, that meant the world to us.