Family Ashes Among Items Stolen in 2 Palo Alto Ice Cream Shop Burglaries

Maria Medina reports on two family-owned Palo Alto ice cream shops being targeted by burglars in the space of days (4-7-2021)

Video Transcript

- Two family-owned ice cream shops burglarized just two days apart. Among the stolen items, family members' ashes. KPIX 5's Maria Medina's in Palo Alto, with more on the cold-hearted crime.

MARIA MEDINA: The owner of Peninsula Creamery Dairy says the ashes of his father and brother were stolen during a break-in four days ago. And just two days before that, a burglar ransacked another ice cream shop less than four miles away.

KIKI KHOSLA: He was definitely taking his time. The first couple of minutes, he was crawling in the front.

MARIA MEDINA: For 45 minutes, the burglar, who wore gloves and had his face and head covered, ransacked Ricks' Rather Rich ice cream shop, smashed a window to get into the office, and dragged a bolted down safe outside.

KIKI KHOSLA: And I was like, OK, you need to rush to the store. Something's definitely happened.

MARIA MEDINA: Kiki Khosla happen to look at the shop surveillance camera footage from her phone last Thursday and was stunned at what she saw.

KIKI KHOSLA: I definitely cried because it was just-- the shop has always been very close to our hearts.

KIKI KHOSLA: Two days later, a thief or thieves hit Peninsula Creamery Dairy Store and Grill in downtown Palo Alto, stolen a year's worth of tips employees kept at the store, as well as the ashes of the owner's father and brother. Kiki says the break-in comes at a time when they haven't been able to pay rent because of the pandemic. Rick's has been around since the '50s.

KERAH COTTRELL: It's an institution here.

HENRICK JONES: It's awful that they've been burglarized.

MARIA MEDINA: But Kiki says, since the burglary, the community's come out to show their support one scoop at a time.

KIKI KHOSLA: We can't thank them enough, and we're only here because, you know, of customers like that. And we have been able to survive the pandemic, and hopefully we'll survive this as well.

MARIA MEDINA: And the owner of the Peninsula Creamery Dairy says his father's ashes were dumped and recovered. His brother's ashes, however, are still missing. In Palo Alto Maria, Marina Medina, KPIX 5.