Family Of Brooklyn Woman Killed By Husband In 2017 Says Police Should Have Done More To Help

A family that is still in mourning says police should have done more on the day a young woman in Brooklyn was killed; CBS2's Christina Fan reports.

Video Transcript

- Other news now. A family that is still in mourning says police should have done more the day a young woman was killed.

- And we are now hearing from the victim's heartbroken mother. CBS2's Christina Fan has that.

CHRISTINA FAN: Elizabeth Rivera feels the police have yet again let her daughter down. Three years after 21-year-old Tony Wells was murdered, the two officers suspended for failing to help her are now back on the job.

ELIZABETH RIVERA: Disappointed. I'm just lost for words.

CHRISTINA FAN: Wells was strangled to death inside this Crown Heights brownstone on December 27th, 2017. Her family says she called 9-1-1 several times that morning, afraid her husband was going to kill her. Officers Wing Hong Lau and Wael Jaber were sent to check out the domestic violence call but they never got out of their car to help.

KATHERINE RIVERA: So all these people out here that are saying that they're serving and they're protecting us, they're not protecting us. They're not doing anything for us. It's a disgrace.

CHRISTINA FAN: Officers found Wells's body in the basement an hour later after a neighbor heard the victim's young daughter crying and called 9-1-1. Prosecutors later charged her husband with murder. But her family says the NYPD is equally responsible.

KATHERINE RIVERA: I hope today these two officers are watching and know what they have done to my family. They have destroyed a family.

CHRISTINA FAN: The NYPD suspended both officers for 30 days without pay in 2017. They were found guilty of failure to take police action and failure to properly investigate.

But instead of losing their jobs, the cops were placed on probation for a year. Wells's mother now vowing to fight.

ELIZABETH RIVERA: Even though there's days I just feel like giving up, I will never give up. Never give up. As long as I'm breathing I'm going to fight.

CHRISTINA FAN: The family says they will settle for nothing less than termination. In Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Christina Fan, CBS2 News.

- The NYPD told us it is not allowed to share information because of the active court order. The victim's husband, Barry Wells, is due in court March 18th.