Family demands justice after man with autism shot by LASD

A mother is demanding justice after her 25-year-old son with autism was shot by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Video Transcript

LEANNE SUTER: David, the 25-year-old's mother says she called authorities for help with her son. Instead, he ended up in the ICU here at the hospital in critical condition.


LEANNE SUTER: A mother demanding justice after her son, who has special needs, is shot by LA County Sheriff's deputies.


CHRISTIAN CONTRERAS: What happened to him, should not have happened. And she went and told the deputies repeatedly that he suffered from autism, he was hard of hearing.

LEANNE SUTER: 25-year-old Isaias Cervantes is now hospitalized in critical condition with a spinal cord injury. His attorneys say he may never walk again. The violence erupted Wednesday, when Rosa Padilla called for help with her son.

AUSTIN DOVE: Within three minutes of being called to help young Isaias and his family, he was shot in the back on the floor of his living room.

LEANNE SUTER: Investigators say Cervantes attacked one of the deputies, gouging at his eyes while attempting to reach for his weapon. His mother, who witnessed the incident, says her son wasn't a threat and says they shot him for no reason.

AUSTIN DOVE: On his back. On his arm. They had him fully subdued. And this young man, and the mother who was-- who I'm here with today, had to witness in her own home her son being shot point blank in the back.

LEANNE SUTER: Padilla is the full time caregiver for Isaias and his twin brother, who has cerebral palsy. She says the deputies need to be held responsible for the shooting.

CHRISTIAN CONTRERAS: These people, who are defenseless, need protection. We need to address what's going on in this community, and we need justice now.

LEANNE SUTER: The 25-year-old's mother says the department needs more training in dealing with those with special needs and those with mental health issues. The inspector general's office now launching its own investigation into the deputy involved shooting.