Family devastated after tornadoes rip through Alabama

STORY: "We don't have anything," Amber said as friends and neighbors sifted through the home's wreckage in Deatsville, Alabama to find anything salvageable. "Everything we had is gone."

The couple and their young daughter had just moved into the home in August 2022. Justin was at home when he heard the warnings of tornadoes in the region.

"I got out as they instructed us to do, you know, and I was making my way to safety, you know, to an area that was going to be out of the storms," he said. "And I didn't make it ten minutes down the road and I got a phone call that we'd been completely wiped out."

The family said they were so overwhelmed, they did not know what their next move would be

“I’m just basically going through stuff to see what we can find that's salvageable. And I don't really know from there what we're going to do. I don't know what our next steps will be or anything right now," Amber said.

Storms damaged as many as 50 properties in Alabama's Autauga County, according to the local sheriff's office.

Rescue teams were searching for missing people in the county, where seven deaths have been reported, emergency management director Ernie Baggett said on MSNBC. County coroner Buster Barber told Reuters the number of casualties would rise.