Family Feeds League City for Free

The Jamarillo family opened their hearts and decided to help League City citizens by feeding them barbeque during the winter storm.

Video Transcript


- We're Smoking Revolver Barbecue.

- For what they're doing for the community--

- Thank you so much.

- --giving out free food.

- You can't go wrong with Texas barbecue at all.

- We're not accepting any money. All the food here is free. You come, tell us how many people you need to feed, and we're going to give you what you need.

- Thank you.

- Stone Cold heard about it, and they stepped up and donated 40 pounds of chicken and four briskets that-- that we were cooking all last night. I've been cooking barbecue for about 25 years, for family, friends. And they've always told me to, hey, maybe you should try to do catering or, you know, try to sell it. Told my son when he came home from college, we just-- he decided to, hey, dad, let's just try this out. Well, we started off small, and it just grew from there.

- And then when I started looking at the community posts on Facebook, we started noticing the pipes bustling. People didn't have what we had. And we knew we had this big pit, and it could be used for something.

- Warm food is the key to keeping everyone's hopes up. And like, I'm getting shaky again talking about it. People are going through hard times, and stuff like this is a-- it's a bright light.

- People have been coming, and it's been an emotional story.

- It means a lot, you know, mainly when you don't have power, you know?

- Yeah.

- Just grateful, truly grateful for what they're doing.

- You don't even have to donate. It's all free.

- So a lot of people have their pipes busted. They have families, they have kids, and this cold house.

- How we've been trying to stay warm is just literally making little beds next to the fireplace.

- They don't have food. We have a little bit of food, and let's see what we can do for our neighborhood here.

- So it means a lot because a lot of people are out here hungry and have no way to heat up their food or anything.

- They're really good people. It's just, like, getting good, warm food in our bellies. We're just so happy right now that we don't have to really stress about stuff at the moment.

- We're going to keep serving until we run out.


- All right, yes, sir.

- You know, if it's 6, 7 o'clock in the evening, well, we're going to be here. If you see the pit and the flag's on the pit, go on. Hey, we still have food, so come on by.

- Thank you.