Family of former Parks & Rec director donates new scoreboard

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Sep. 23—VERNON — The family of the town's former Parks and Recreation Director has donated nearly $10,000 that will go towards a new softball field scoreboard to be located in Henry Park.


WHAT: Thanks to a donation from the family of the town's former Parks and Recreation Director, the town has purchased a new scoreboard for the softball field at Henry Park.

WHEN: The town is currently waiting for one more component of the scoreboard to arrive, and then it can be installed.

The donation comes from the family of Don Berger, who served as the Director of the Parks and Recreation department for almost 40 years. Berger died in 2021, at age 93.

On Tuesday, the Town Council voted unanimously to accept the donation from Berger's family, and put the money towards the new scoreboard.

It will replace the field's 20-year-old scoreboard that frequently needs to be repaired, Parks and Recreation Director Marty Sitler said.

Many athletic programs in town have asked for a new scoreboard for the field, so the new one comes as a "welcome improvement," he said.

The new scoreboard is almost ready to be installed, but the town is still waiting for a remaining part to be delivered that will display Berger's name, Sitler said Thursday.

He added that once the part is delivered and the scoreboard is completely installed, Berger's family would be invited to the park to see it for themselves.

Sitler said that during his time working for the town, Berger was passionate about recreation, and that he was involved in helping the town acquire new parcels of land to be used as parks.

"He was instrumental in developing the park district into what we have today," Sitler said, adding, "the contributions he made to this town will be felt for generations."

Berger was one of the "founding fathers" of parks and recreation in the state, Sitler noted.

He added that the donation from Berger's family, totaling $9,688, was "out of the blue," and that the town was happy to accept it.

The Berger scoreboard will be the newest addition to the park. The town is also considering a plan to replace the park's Horowitz Pool, which will likely be discussed by the Town Council this fall.

Additionally, the town is planning a restoration of the park's Fox Hill Memorial Tower after receiving $2.5 million in state bonds for the project in April.

Ben covers Vernon and Stafford for the Journal Inquirer.