Family, Friends Grieve Loss Of 18-Year-Old Moussa Fofana As He's Laid To Rest

There was a solemn farewell Friday for a New Jersey high school student and athlete lost to gun violence. Friends and family came out to grieve the loss of 18-year-old Moussa Fofana, who was murdered earlier this week; CBS2's Kevin Rincon reports.

Video Transcript

- Was a solemn farewell today for a New Jersey high school student an athlete lost to gun violence. And today, family and friends came out to grieve the loss of 18-year-old Moussa Fofana murdered earlier this week. CBS News Kevin Rincon has more now on their remembrance as the search for his killer continues.

- The emotions were high as dozens came out to pay their final respects to Moussa Fofana. The year old was shot and killed Sunday night near the Underhill Sports Complex in Maplewood. A funeral like this would usually provide some closure, but not today.

- And that's the part that makes it more painful.

- Donna new Moussa through her daughter, who was close friends with him.

- Normally, it said that we bury our children. I can't imagine the mother's pain. I feel pain. I can't imagine her pain.

- This Islamic funeral service was led by Imam Sheick Swaray, Moussa's uncle.

- Moussa was a very, very delicate child in a community. He was a child to love his mother. Respect his mother. Does love everybody. Once you see Moussa, you don't see nothing but his smile, beautiful smile.

- The hope among the many here is that Moussa's life will inspire others to do good as they continue their calls for justice.

- Yes. He's going to get buried today. But still, she's going to have sleepless night because she doesn't know why. You know, who did it and why?

- And it's the community now urging whoever did this to turn themselves in.

- It would be bigger than you in a better way to love. The world needs it. There will be consequences and it wouldn't make sense for the people who were confused like my daughter hadn't slept since this happened. It would bring some type of closure for those who are hurting.

- For now, investigators are still trying to figure out who shot Moussa and his friend. Both students at Columbia High School. It's there, Moussa was a standout soccer player. His death so close to the fields where he made his mark has now led to the creation of an online petition has thousands pushed to have the field renamed in his memory. A New York, Kevin Rincon CBS 2 News.