Family and friends mourn victims of Boulder mass shooting

Families and friends of the 10 victims of the Boulder mass shooting are sharing stories of their loved ones. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

Video Transcript

MARGARET BRENNAN: Tonight, as Boulder mourns, we are learning more about those who lost their lives and hearing from the witness who streamed the horror live online. Here's CBS's Jonathan Vigliotti.

DEAN SCHILLER: Someone's down right here.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: Millions watched Dean Schiller's live stream.

DEAN SCHILLER: Guys, we got people down inside King Soopers. Look there's--


Holy [BLEEP].

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: When did it become clear to you something was very wrong?

DEAN SCHILLER: As soon as I saw that body on the ground.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: Schiller had just left the King Soopers ahead of his friend Denny Stong, who was still paying for his lunch at the register.

DEAN SCHILLER: There's a shooter! Active shooter! Get away!

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: What Schiller didn't know during his live stream was that Stong would be among the victims.

DEAN SCHILLER: He was a really smart kid. He was training to be an airline pilot.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: The 10 victims range in age from 20 to 65. Lynn Murray was a retired mother of two filling an Instacart order. Terry Leiker, 51, worked at the store for 31 years. And Eric Talley of the Boulder police was the first one on the scene. The 51-year-old father of seven ran straight inside, but never made it out.

HOMER TALLEY: I was devastated when I heard the news.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: We spoke with his father by phone from his home in Texas.

HOMER TALLEY: He started at the bottom and worked his way up.

JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI: Talley had quit his computing job at age 40 to join the Boulder force. He was also the kind of dad who taught all his children the Heimlich maneuver in case they'd ever need to save a life. One actually did.

When officer Talley's body was removed from the scene last night, it followed a long procession. Scores of first responders lined the street in salute. And after hearing of his death, his younger sister tweeted, I cannot explain how beautiful he was. Fly high, my sweet brother.

And Talley was followed by other first responders who ran inside to help save lives. The governor visited Boulder today and had this to say about this scene. Horror and terror as people shopped for milk and eggs. Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Jonathan Vigliotti, thank you.