Family, Friends Of Noemi Bolivar Gather To Search For Her

CBS4's Bobeth Yates shares the latest details in the search for the missing Hollywood woman.

Video Transcript

- Well, this morning, family and friends of Noemi Bolivar gather at a local church in hopes of finding any clues into her whereabouts after she disappeared on February 11. "CBS 4's" Bobeth Yates is in Hollywood with the latest.

BOBETH YATES: Yes, that large group of people stepping up their efforts to find Noemi. And they are hoping just their presence on the streets will help more tips come in to the Hollywood Police Department.

MARYCEL BOLIVAR: (CRYING) We're coming for you. We're going to find you. We're going to help you. Don't-- don't be scared.

BOBETH YATES: Noemi Bolivar's parents were overwhelmed by emotions Saturday as more than 100 people got together to look for her. The 21-year-old has been missing since February the 11th.

According to Hollywood police, Noemi was seen entering a bus on the 7000 block of Sheridan street. She got off the bus alone on the 800 block of Sheridan and hasn't been seen since.

JOSE BOLIVAR: We know that-- you know, that she's-- against her will. That's-- that's for sure. We know our daughter and--

MARYCEL BOLIVAR: There is no doubt in my mind she will never, never, never [INAUDIBLE].

BOBETH YATES: Police was able to bring Noemi's cell phone near a beach in Hollywood. Then officers searched the area, but was unable to locate her. And now the community is stepping in to help.

- Is there any way that we could check out the footage for certain days that they've seen her to see if it's her?

BOBETH YATES: Saturday's search took volunteers to Hollandale near Foster and Northwest 6th Avenue. The group posted fliers and spoke to residents in hopes of finding any clues of knowing these whereabouts.

GRANT LABARBER: As we're out talking, looking, and just talking with everybody, and all the locals in the neighborhood, you know, we've had a few individuals say that they think they may have seen her in the last four or five days. So we're hopeful that we're going to find her.

BOBETH YATES: Optimism echoed by friends and family.

JT RYKER: You know, we're focused on trying to find her. And se we're not-- we're not going to give up until we do.

KAREM RYKER: We have every reason to believe that she's still alive. And that if she could-- if she could come home, she would. But if she isn't, then it must be because she's in danger. And that's why we're here. We want to get her back home.

BOBETH YATES: And while the search continues, Noemi's family has a message of hope.

JOSE BOLIVAR: We love her.

MARYCEL BOLIVAR: (CRYING) We love her so much. We need her back.


MARYCEL BOLIVAR: We're looking her. And stay strong, honey, 'cause we're coming for you. We're going to find you. We're going to help you. Don't be scared. Stay strong and pray. [INAUDIBLE] pray.

BOBETH YATES: Anyone with information about Noemi's whereabouts is asked to call the Hollywood Police or Crime Stoppers. In Hollywood, Bobeth Yates, "CBS 4 News" this morning.