Family, Friends Remember Delmar Police Cpl. Keith Heacook, Who Died After On-Duty Assault

The Delmar police officer attacked while on the job was declared dead Wednesday and was taken off life support just days after he was assault while on-duty.

Video Transcript

RICK RITTER: A sad update tonight to a story from the Maryland, Delaware line. A police officer seriously injured in an assault this weekend has now passed away at Shock Trauma. And now the charges have been upgraded for that suspect. WJZ live at 7 o'clock tonight. Rachel Cardin has the very latest on this investigation. Rachel.

RACHEL CARDIN: That's right, Rick. We know an elderly couple was also attacked at the same time that that corporal was. We know they're home recovering. That corporal, as you mentioned, was pronounced clinically deceased here at Shock Trauma Wednesday afternoon.


- It doesn't stop today. It needs to go on forever.

RACHEL CARDIN: Flowers are placed on the cruiser of Corporal Keith Heacook as friends remember him.

- Very outgoing, very willing to help anybody and everybody.

RACHEL CARDIN: Flags fly at half staff across Maryland after the Delmar police corporal, who served both Maryland and Delaware, was pronounced clinically deceased Wednesday afternoon.

IAN BARKLEY: Our community, my department, his family. We all mourn him.

RACHEL CARDIN: Heacook, a 22 year veteran with the department, was working Sunday morning when he responded to a call about a fight at Yorkshire Estates Community along the Maryland Delaware line. What happened next is still unclear. But officials say Heacook was found by another officer unresponsive with injuries to his head. He was taken to Shock Trauma but died a few days later. 30-year-old suspect Randon Wilkerson was arrested and charged for attacking the corporal and an elderly couple. Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings says his charges have been upgraded to murder.

KATHY JENNINGS: He will be held accountable for his heinous crimes against Corporal Heacook, against the elderly couple he viciously attacked.

RACHEL CARDIN: Now, funeral arrangements have not been announced just yet. We know that Wilkerson is being held on a $451,000 cash bail. His next court date has not yet been set. We're live outside Shock Trauma at 7:00. I'm Rachel Cardin for WJZ.