Family identifies remains found outside UW in June, case still under investigation

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The family of the Indigenous woman found outside the University of Washington’s campus has identified her as 56-year-old Mavis Kindness Nelson.

Her sister, Ernestine Morning Owl, told KIRO 7 that the past month and a half has been tough on her and the entire family.

“And that was more devastating to know what she must have went through on her last ... you know ... and that was hard,” Morning Owl said.

She said her sister went missing in April and described her as a kind, hardworking person who would do anything for anyone.

“There’s even been a couple of times she’s housed homeless people. And give them a place to stay for a night or two,” Morning Owl said.

She said that as members of the Yakama Nation, it’s customary to quickly bury those who’ve passed away. But she said that because of what happened to her sister, her sister’s remains should remain with investigators so they can get more answers.

“Under the circumstances that this is a homicide, that I thought about it that I wanted the coroners and investigators to keep her as long as they can so they can get answers,” Morning Owl said.

It’s those answers that she hopes can bring justice to her sister and all Indigenous victims.

“Not only for us but for her to rest in peace, catch the person that did this,” Morning Owl said.

Seattle police told KIRO 7 that they are still investigating this case as a homicide.