Family’s loss of father to COVID-19 serves as a wake-up call

A North Carolina family that admittedly did not take coronavirus safety precautions seriously in the beginning of the pandemic say they have had a change of heart since the loss of their father to COVID-19.

Video Transcript

TYLER HARDIN: Richard Spoon was full of life. He was active, healthy, and just about to turn 60 years old.

BRITTANY TEDDER: He loved to mountain bike. These were his favorite things to do. He loved his friends, family.

TYLER HARDIN: His daughter Brittany Tedder admits the coronavirus wasn't top of mind.

BRITTANY TEDDER: When the virus first started we were all like-- you know, we all thought, well, this ain't real. You know, it's just whatever.

TYLER HARDIN: Then her dad got sick.

BRITTANY TEDDER: He was active, and it just hit him, and it hit hard. He went from being normal to OK to being put in the critical care unit over at Forsyth Hospital with life support on him.

TYLER HARDIN: Instead of spending his 60th birthday camping, her dad was fighting COVID-19.

BRITTANY TEDDER: Every day was a hurdle through this whole time frame. You know, we'd get one step forward and five steps back. You know, we have one good day and three bad days.

TYLER HARDIN: Still with no idea how he got it.

BRITTANY TEDDER: Once you get it and it starts spreading, Dad went into kidney failure. And, you know, making those decisions to put him into comfort care was by far the hardest thing to do for the family.

TYLER HARDIN: He spent seven weeks in critical care until this past Tuesday. It was the hardest thing she's ever had to do, but it was time for her father to be at peace.

BRITTANY TEDDER: When he took that breath, I was right there with them and held his hand through the whole process, and that's what he would have wanted.

TYLER HARDIN: Brittany hopes her dad's final breath will serve as a reminder for how dangerous this virus can be.

BRITTANY TEDDER: It's a real virus, and it's bad. And I just-- you know, like I said, wear your mask and keep your distance so you won't have to be in our family's situation with your loved one.

TYLER HARDIN: Tyler Hardin, FOX8 News.