Family mourns policeman in Pakistan mosque blast

STORY: Among the mourners were policemen, relatives and 11-year-old Arsalan, the eldest son of slain officer Irfan Khan, who told Reuters:

"I miss my father very much, and especially because he would help me with my tuition. Whenever he went for a walk in the evening, he would bring back something back for us. I met my father for the last time on Friday (January 27). After, that I never saw him."

Khan's younger brother Mohammad Zahid said his brother, a father of five, had survived dangerous situations while on duty and family members had told him to be careful.

"But he would laugh and say: 'Don't worry. Death will come at its appointed time. It can come at any time,'" said Zahid.

The blast happened on Monday (January 30) as hundreds of worshippers gathered for prayers in a mosque purpose-built for police living in a highly fortified area. All but three of those killed were police, making it the most casualties suffered by Pakistan's security forces in a single attack in recent history.