Family Pleads For Help Into 5-Year Disappearance Of Liliana & Daniela Moreno

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Video Transcript

EDUARDO MORENO: And he don't care actually what happened with my niece and my sister. He don't have feelings.

- Now at 5:30, police do not want you to forget about this missing mother and daughter. Investigators have exhausted all leads and still nothing five years later.

- CBS4's Austin Carter live outside Miami-Dade Police Department's headquarters with more on the grieving family still searching for answers, Austin.

AUSTIN CARTER: Lauren, this grieving family and police once again asking for the community's help with any information that can lead to the whereabouts of this missing daughter and mother. Detectives are asking exactly what happened. And now the FBI, they are raising their reward to $25,000 for any information that leads to their whereabouts.

EDUARDO MORENO: My dad, he died waiting for an answer. And I hope in any moment we can find any answer that I own to him.

AUSTIN CARTER: Five agonizing years is how long the family of Liliana and Daniela Moreno have been waiting for the truth about the disappearance of the mother and daughter. One person of interest remains, Gustavo Costano. He was Liliana's ex-boyfriend and Daniela's father, and according to police the last person to see them alive. Liliana's brother says Gustavo is responsible.

EDUARDO MORENO: Only person who knows what really happens is still there. [INAUDIBLE] next to you. Living his life the way that he wanted and doing what he want to do.

AUSTIN CARTER: Liliana and Daniela were last seen on Memorial Day 2016. They live near Northwest 41st Street in the turnpike in Doral. Gustavo told investigators then he dropped them off at a Home Depot along Okeechobee Road in the turnpike. In the same area, police had a confrontation with Gustavo after he stabbed himself in the neck. Police had tasered him, and he lost his right eye as a result. He has denied any involvement in the disappearance of Liliana and Daniela.

CHRISTOPHER VILLANO: He's out in the community here in South Florida.

AUSTIN CARTER: But now, local agencies along with the FBI are trying to turn up the heat on this cold case. Miami-Dade Police Detective Christopher Villano says they need new leads and evidence.

CHRISTOPHER VILLANO: We're dotting all our I's, crossing all our T's, and in these cases we just don't want to make an arrest.

AUSTIN CARTER: Heartbroken family members hope that the renewed spotlight on the case will bring the answers that the family has been waiting too long for.

EDUARDO MORENO: Just call and say the thing that you know.

AUSTIN CARTER: And again, some of these tips could lead towards a cash reward and you can remain anonymous. The family really stressing that this afternoon they do not want anyone to be afraid to come forward with that critical information. Give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers a call. That number 305-471-TIPS. We are live in Doral, Austin Carter, CBS4 News.

- Austin, thank you for that.