Family Seeking Justice One Year After Breonna Taylor's Death

Breonna Taylor's mom filed complaints against six officers, alleging misconduct contributing to her death.

Video Transcript

TAMIKA PALMER: Crazy that it's been a year.

GAGE JACKSON: The family of Breonna Taylor is still awaiting justice nearly a year after her death.

TAMIKA PALMER: Every day still, March the 13th.

GAGE JACKSON: The 26-year-old emergency room technician was shot and killed by Louisville police during a raid at her apartment as part of a drug trafficking investigation involving a former boyfriend who was not there. None of the officers who fired shots were charged in her death, though one was charged with wanton endangerment for shots that entered a neighbor's apartment. Taylor's lawyer argues it's still possible for evidence to be presented to a grand jury for potential new charges.

LONITA BAKER: And at the end of the day, that's what we ask for. We've always maintained, if this was a decision of the grand jury, we may not be happy with it, but we could accept that it was at least presented the way everyone else's charges are presented. However, that's yet to happen.

GAGE JACKSON: This week, Taylor's mom filed internal affairs complaints against six officers. She accused four of them of misconduct, that she called unacceptable, intolerable, and contributing factors to Taylor's death and the deficient investigation thereafter. It's the latest push from Taylor's family for police accountability, after a death that stirred protests across the country. Three officers were fired after the raid. It led to the passing of Briana's Law, a Louisville city ordinance that banned police no-knock warrants. The city also settled a lawsuit with Taylor's family in the amount of $12 million and promised to institute policing reform.

Most recently, a judge dismissed charges against Taylor's new boyfriend at the time of the raid. Louisville's mayor says the city is still working to address racial justice. But Taylor's family still says the city's actions and words since her death have failed to heal the pain of their loss. For Newsy, I'm Gage Jackson.