Family takes "The Electric Vehicle Initiative" on the road in Florida

Domenick Yoney
·1 min read

A Tallahassee family is so excited about driving on electricity that they have hit the road in their plug-in Prius for a planned 2,000-mile road trip to share their enthusiasm and inform their fellow Floridians about the benefits of hybrids and electric cars. The Electric Vehicle Initiative, as they're calling it, kicked off at last weekend's Battery Beach Burnout in Jupiter and is scheduled to roll along until the end of March, stopping in every major city in the Sunshine State as well as many towns. Their car is a 2005 Prius which was converted to a plug-in last year and, unlike some others, say they can get 100 mpg with it. At least for the first freshly-juiced 40 miles.

Yesterday had them appearing at the Palm Beach Community College, where they talked with students and had a screening of " Who Killed the Electric Car." If you would like them to stop by your town or if you just want to offer some encouragement, hit them up on their blog. We wish them happy motoring and hope they enjoy a successful trip.

[Source: Florida Electric Auto Association]