Family Of UNT Student DJ Tarver Shot, Killed By Denton Police, Calling For Federal Investigation

DJ's father, Kevin Tarver, has questioned the actions of officers since he first watched police body cam video.

Video Transcript

- Family of a UNT student today is calling for a federal investigation. This is after Denton police exonerated the officers involved in the shooting death. J.D. Miles spoke to the family of DJ Tarver about their concerns, and that the city is possibly covering up for the officers.

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J.D. MILES: The Denton police department has determined its officers acted appropriately last year when they used deadly force on UNT student DJ Tarver, and that the officers did not violate the Civil Service Rules.

KEVIN TARVER: Honestly, it's not unexpected.

J.D. MILES: Tarver's father has questioned the actions of officers since he first watched this body cam video. It showed police confronting the 23-year-old, who was reportedly acting erratically, shouting in the breezeway of his apartment complex and breaking light fixtures. Police say he was holding a meat cleaver and refused their commands before he was tased and fatally shot. Tarver has long argued his son should have been treated as someone who was mentally ill, and not as a criminal.

KEVIN TARVER: Because they practice no de-escalation, they practice no type of training. They show no type of training. Their standards or about killing people with mental illness.

J.D. MILES: Tarver questions why one of the officers involved has since left the department without explanation. Denton police chief Frank Dixon tells CBS 11 News it was not related to the shooting, and in an email defended the investigation, calling it a thorough and critical review. A grand jury declined to indict the officer who shot Tarver, but Tarver's family still hopes the US Justice Department will review the case.

Tarver's father says he's also planning to file a federal lawsuit sometime next month. J.D. Miles, CBS 11 News.