Family Vows Justice Will Be Served After Deadly Triple Shooting In Wilmington

Kimberly Davis reports.

Video Transcript

- Also tonight, the search continues for the person or persons responsible for shooting three women, killing one of them. It happened at 10th & Pine Street in Wilmington. A mile and a half away, two officers were hurt in a crash heading to that shooting. Kimberly Davis is covering the story tonight.

ATIYHA MARTIN-EL: I think this was a situation where you at the wrong spot at the wrong time because I have no idea.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: Latesha Hill, affectionately known as Ti Ti, was known for her kindness, but most importantly, she was loved. Around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon, the 37-year-old was gunned down with two other women on the 1,000 block of North Pine Street.

ATIYHA MARTIN-EL: We are hurt and aching. People's brains is all over the place. We don't know how to take this because no one expected an early death from somebody so young, full of life.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: Her sister tells us Ti Ti was on her way to work when the gunfire broke out. A 26-year-old woman and 23-year-old woman were also shot. They were rushed to the hospital where they remain in stable condition. Sadly, Ti Ti didn't make it.

ATIYHA MARTIN-EL: This is ridiculous, people just dying left and right for no good reason-- innocent bystanders. And I'm deeply hurt.

KIMBERLY DAVIS: As the family prepares to bury their loved one, they have this message for the shooter.

ATIYHA MARTIN-EL: Justice will be served.

- Our Kimberly Davis reporting.