Family in Westchester County facing deportation due to passport errors

The clock is ticking for a Westchester County family facing deportation.

Video Transcript

- Well, a family in Westchester County is facing deportation. And it could come down to confusion over an expiration date.

- Their paperwork oversight could force the family, who has lived in Larchmont for years, to leave the country next month. Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis spoke to them about what they're hoping for.

ARJETA KACKINI: For me to be forced to leave my home just because a piece of paper is just unfair.

MARCUS SOLIS: Unfair or not, the clock is ticking for Arjeta Kackini, her husband, and their two daughters, who were born in the United States. The family is facing deportation, despite having lived here for nearly seven years.

ARJETA KACKINI: We're not asking to become US citizens and like, hand us a US passport. We're just asking, allow us to stay legally, just like we've done in the past years.

MARCUS SOLIS: Arjeta yet to came to the US in 2014 on a student visa to earn her master's degree. Her husband started a remodeling business that allowed them to stay through an investor visa renewed every two years. The issue arose when the couple returned from a trip to their native Albania. Their passports were set to expire in six months, April 2020. They renewed the passports but didn't realize the end date of their visa had also been changed to that April date.

ARJETA KACKINI: We had no idea, then COVID happened. In April was the peak of the pandemic.

MARCUS SOLIS: The couple has applied for an extension, but the US citizen and Immigration Services determined "error, unintentional mistakes, and oversight are not considered 'extraordinary circumstances.' As such, the extension request cannot be approved."

ARJETA KACKINI: I literally do not have any more tears, because I've cried so much. And I've tried everything legally.

MARCUS SOLIS: The family is appealing to local lawmakers in the community but faces an order to leave the country by April 21.