Famous pilot Juice killed in plane crash in Zhytomyr Oblast

A well-known pilot Andrii Pilshchykov, who went by the alias Juice and two other pilots, were killed in a collision between two Ukrainian aircraft on the evening of 25 August in Zhytomyr Oblast.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda’s sources in the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies; Juice’s friend Pavlo Potseluiev and volunteer Melaniia Podoliak on social media

Details: According to Ukrainska Pravda’s sources, L-39 trainer aircraft collided in Zhytomyr district, killing three pilots.

The information about Juice’s death was reported by his friend Potseluiev.

Podoliak also confirmed the information about Juice’s death by posting his patch.

Ukrainska Pravda contacted the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force Command for comment. They said that an official comment would be made later due to certain circumstances and the ongoing investigation.

The State Bureau of Investigation has already started an investigation.

Update: Later, Spokesman for Ukraine's Air Force Yurii Ihnat wrote that Pilshchykov "dreamed of the F-16s in Ukrainian skies" and did a great job on this issue.

"A year ago in the USA, Andrii met with American government officials, brought up the urgent needs of the Air Force, was in constant contact with Californian pilots, and was the main driver of an advocacy group promoting many decisions on the F-16s [supply]. During the war, he gave dozens of interviews to Western media because he knew English well, and the most important was the topic of conversation: what can and should be talked about for Ukraine! You can't even imagine how he wanted to fly on an F-16..." Ihnat said.

"Andrii Pilshchykov was not just a pilot, he was a young officer with great knowledge and great talent. He was an excellent communicator, the driver of reforms in Air Force aircraft, a participant in many projects. I often supported his crazy ideas, which gave incredible results!", the spokesman added.


photo: Yurii Ihnat on Facebook

Ihnat also posted a photo of Andrii Pilshchykov.

The State Bureau of Investigation and the Air Force confirmed the fact of L-39 training aircraft crashing in Zhytomyr Oblast.

For reference: Juice ('Andrii Pilshchykov') served as a MiG-29 fighter pilot.

With the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion in 2022, he defended the Ukrainian skies. He took part in dogfights over Kyiv.

In interviews with The Washington Post, Financial Times CNN, Fox News BBC News, he called on Western partners to provide Ukraine with modern fighter jets.

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