Famous redhead Shaun White now has a new hair color

Alexander Kacala

Shaun White is not only known for his killer snowboarding skills, he is also known for his fiery red locks. Well, the 33-year-old famous redhead is switching things up, taking his hair color to a platinum level.

On Friday, the Olympian shared a snap with the caption “Shaun le blanc," showcasing his new blonde 'do.

One fan commented, "Literally Shaun White."

The day before, the athlete shared a photo from his colorist’s chair with his finger over his mouth in a “shushing” motion, smirking at the camera with his hair covered in bleach.

In the comments, he asked fans, "what color is your vote???" Many responded "red," while some voted for "blonde."

After seeing the finished product, fans seem to be torn about whether they love it or loathe it.

Some commented their support for the fresh do, while others articulated their disappointment.

"Nice change, but missing Shaun Le Rouge," wrote one person.

Another added, "Oh my gosh. What have you done?"

Some fans compared him to other celebrities, like Eminem and Vanilla Ice. “Slim Shaun Shady 🔥,” one person commented, while another added, “I’m getting Vanilla Ice vibes.”

This isn't the first time the three-time gold medalist has made a drastic change to his look. Formerly known as the Flying Tomato for his long wavy red locks, he cut it all off for a good cause in 2012, and starting sporting a much more cleaner look thereafter.