Fan-made video ad for BTS’ J-Hope displayed in Seoul accidentally leaves a 'p' out of ‘rapper’

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BTS fans were horrified after discovering a large fan-made video advertisement for BTS’ J-Hope in Seoul had a very noticeable misspelled caption.

To celebrate the release of J-Hope’s first solo album “Jack in the Box,” the video advertisement was displayed on the Coex building in Gangnam on Friday. It was created by Chinese fan groups HopeUranus and Heimdallr.

The video, however, mistakenly missed a letter “p” in “rapper,” subsequently captioning the BTS member as a “raper” in large white font. The organizers for the fan promotion event, known as Party B by HopeUranus, contacted the fan group at 6:10 p.m. the following day and informed them that the video would be offline by 8 p.m.

HopeUranus apologized for the mistake on Twitter and explained that they are not native English speakers and were rushing to edit the video.

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“The video group edited the video in a hurry and was not so professional. Besides, Party B urged us to submit the video, and we didn’t have time to proofread the text,” HopeUranus wrote. “We are not native English speakers, and we do not have a proofreading group. Hope you understand.”

The fan group shared an update video on Monday with the video advertisement displaying the correct spelling for “rapper” on the Coex building.

J-Hope’s first solo album “Jack in the Box” and its music video released on July 15, topping iTunes charts in 49 countries and regions.


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