Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 3)

Do you think you're a huge Pens fan? Well, you're going to have to compete with the likes of Dave Centennial in Ross Township who has a Pens fan cave that Loretta should be on the lookout for! After we see Dave's Fan Cave, TopGolf brings us a special drink recipe: The Tipsy Palmer!

Video Transcript


DAISY JADE: Welcome back to JP Roofing "Fan N'ation." If you are a diehard fan, we want to meet you. So send us an email to or visit Fan Nation website.

RICH WALSH: Remember this amazing artwork by soccer coach and speed painter George Williams? It was found at the Harmony Inn by superfan Maureen Brady from Franklin Park. So congrats, Maureen. And thanks again to George Williams for donating this killer artwork.

- Here is Dave's Penguin cave, and there's Dave. Hi, Dave.


DAISY JADE: Hey, so we are going to Ross Township to check out an awesome Pens fan cave with Dave. Tell me, go back to when you became a Pens fan.

DAVE CENTENNIAL: Well, back in 1967, just after the game, for a couple bucks, you could go down and skate on the very ice the Penguins skated on.

DAISY JADE: Oh, so you've been a fan for almost, like, 50 years? And I guess--


DAISY JADE: --that's why your fan cave has so many great memories in there. Do you have a favorite item in there?

DAVE CENTENNIAL: It's a clock that I made myself that sits over here. It's got four bobbleheads on it. The best thing about it is there's a sign above it that lights up that says "2016 Champions." I made this, if i could bring it down here and show it to you. This goes on Buck.

DAISY JADE: Oh, wow.

DAVE CENTENNIAL: This goes on a statue that my son-in-law's brother gave to me, Mario Lemieux, which I got to thank him for saving the Penguins. That's-- yeah, that's another thing that touches my heart.

DAISY JADE: Well, Sunday at the Masters is coming up on April 9. And while you are at work, Richie, Harry and I will be hunkered down on the couch sipping on this Arnold Palmer-inspired toddy.

NEIL MCELROY: Hi, folks. Welcome to Topgolf [INAUDIBLE]. My name's Neil. I'm one of the lead bartenders here. And today, we're going to be making a Maker's Tipsy Palmer, a wonderful delicious cocktail for the springtime, maybe to watch during the final round of the Masters. So let's get started. First we got an ounce and a half of Maker's Mark Whiskey. We got 3/4 of an ounce of simple syrup. 3/4 of an ounce of freshly squeezed lemonade. 3/4 of an ounce of fresh brewed iced tea. We'll go ahead and we're going to fill that up with ice.

We're going to fill up our 18 ounce pint glass, which it's going to go in after we're done straining it. We're going to eight count shake. Go ahead strain that over the fresh ice. We're going to top that with a little fresh lemonade And it gets garnished with a wonderful mint sprig and a fresh lemon wedge. And that's our Maker's Tipsy Palmer.

DAISY JADE: Shiver me timbers! We're ushering in Pirates season with the Renegades of the Rotunda, coming up next.


- Let's go Pirates! Let's go Pirates! Let's go Pirates!