Fan N'ATion: March 27, 2021 (Pt. 4)

We've got a new mascot! Thanks to the fine people for Carnegie Mellon University Robotics, Daisy Jade meets our mascot Spot! Then, with Buccos season just around the corner, we catch up with the infamous Renegades of the Rotunda!

Video Transcript

RICH WALSH: Welcome back to JP Roofing Fan Nation. Now when I suggested to Daisy that we adopt a mascot for the show, I was thinking of something small like a goldfish, or a gerbil-- something quiet and self-contained. Daisy, she had other ideas.

DAISY JADE: We are here at Carnegie Mellon University at the Robotics Institute, to adopt our new mascot Spot.


So Spot is going to be part of a team of robots. We send our team out to go basically look for stuff in unknown underground environments. So, think like that cave disaster that happened in Thailand a couple of years ago, where they're literally people and time is of the essence. They don't know anything about the environment where they're going into, and they're building a map, and then they're actually going out and trying to look for certain items. So survivors, things that rescue workers could use like fire extinguishers.

- In other words, Spot is a four legged robotic phenom that could someday save the world. That makes this black and gold super machine the perfect candidate be our Fan Nation mascot.

MATT TRAVERS: I'm a big fan of the show, Fan Nation, and watch it all the time. And yeah, we wanted to do something unique with the robot, with Spot. And we thought, you know the idea came about of painting it, and then came the idea of doing something Pittsburgh themed. And then the connection with Daisy and the connection with the show, I thought it would be fun. I thought would be perfect.

TOM MOSSER: Right here, come on boy.

- Enter Fan Nation favorite, 412 artist extraordinaire Tom Mosser, to give this tiger his stripes so to speak. Bravo Tom, and Spot. Keep up with all the cool Robotics Institute projects, and research, and robots at and keep your eyes wide open for Tom's Really Big Faces art show coming soon. And follow him on Instagram at Tom Mosser design.

CHRIS MILLER: I am Captain Chris of the Renegades of the Rotunda, and we are 412 Fanatics. I am the captain of the Renegades of the Rotunda.

ROB NORTH: I'm Rumgut McGillicuddy, master at arms.

ART ASTRINGER: I am the ship's cook. They call me Sheepie.

SULLIVAN KRUT: My name is Sully, and I'm the cabin boy.

SUSAN KRUT: I'm Sarah, I'm the galley wench.

JOJO VINAY: My name is JoJo, and I'm just the guy who usually takes the picture.

LOUIS LAMBROS: I'm Bucco Louie, and I'm the wind in your sails.

MICHAEL ERNETTE: They call me Padre. I'm the chaplain.

CHRIS MILLER: I was going to games because I had most of the pirate stuff, and I ended up just kind of showing up and people responded really well to it. So I ended up putting a post on social media. I said hey, does anybody else want to do this and go to a game? And because of the people that I surround myself with a lot of them said yes. We ended up standing at the top of the rotunda because the tickets were the cheapest, and we all had flags and we weren't going to whack anybody, and we decided this is where we're going to be.

ART ASTRINGER: When we walked up there it was something else, to see someone dressed as a pirate at a Pirate game. But that wasn't what the Pirates were, but it worked in such a beautifully strange, unique way.

LOUIS LAMBROS: I started dressing up in like 2010, 2011 with a friend and I ran into Captain Chris, and his cousin Wiggles. You know, just a couple of Pirates meeting up on the rotunda and they said hey man, we're starting a crew you should join. And I said yeah why not, that sounds like a blast.

MICHAEL ERNETTE: And I see these guys on the television, and I said wait a minute, I can dress up like pirate and go down to a Pirate game? So I went down, looking for them, in full gear, and I met a couple of our other guys that were down there that I didn't know. They said you need to meet the Renegades. I said that's exactly what I'm here to do and the rest is history.

ROB NORTH: I think to be a Pirate fan is a very special thing. It is about loyalty. It's about blue collar spirit. It's about the journeyman's spirit. It's about being there watching the greatest sport on Earth with the greatest backdrop. Being able to look out over that field and see the city skyline, there is nothing that compares.

CHRIS MILLER: We are the Renegades of the Rotunda, and we are 412 for life.

RICH WALSH: To be a part of the Renegades, just don your pirate wear and meet them on the rotunda at PNC Park for any home game. They can also be found on Facebook, or you can have Captain Chris mix you a rum based cocktail at Taco Downtown, where he can be found mixing all kinds of drinks, sometimes in a costume.

DAISY JADE: Well that's it for this week's episode of JP Roofing Fan Nation.

RICH WALSH: We will be back on April 17th, bigger and better than ever. Until then, you're Daisy. I'm Rich. Have a great night, and we'll see you later.