Fans Allowed To Return To NYC Sports Arenas

Fans return, in limited numbers, to New York City sports arenas Tuesday night; CBS2's Nick Caloway reports.

Video Transcript

- Another step on the road to reopening, tonight fans return in limited numbers to New York City sports arenas. CBS2's Nick Colway is outside Barclays center in Brooklyn, where people, a number of them, will be there to cheer on the Nets against the Sacramento Kings. Hi, Nick.

NICK CALOWAY: Yeah Dana, it won't be that packed house that we would have seen in pre-pandemic times. But finally some fans are allowed inside here to watch the Nets tip off tonight. Take a look at what it looks like on the court here behind me. It's still very quiet. Some players are starting to warm up here. Doors just opened to fans about half an hour ago. So they will be trickling in any minute now.

But first they have to take a COVID test. As part of a new safety protocol, every fan that comes in here will take a COVID test when they arrive. Courtside seats also are not actually on the court. That's another change, because courtside seats have been pushed back. And instead of 18,000 people, it'll be just a few hundred lucky fans for the return to the Barclays Center.

It's been almost a whole year. What's it like to come back?

- Amazing, so happy to be here, ready for the world to get back to some normalcy, let the kids enjoy. So we're going to go see the future champs.

NICK CALOWAY: What do you miss the most about not being able to go now you're here?

- This excitement right here. It's all about the kids. Seeing this kid, I mean, he hasn't slept in a couple of days knowing we're coming.


NICK CALOWAY: Fans are also headed back to Madison Square Garden tonight, where players say they will be more motivated by having real, actual, human fans in the stands. MSG will host 2000 people tonight here at the Barclays center. I'm told that they will be pumping in some fake crowd noise tonight. But for the first time in nearly a year, people watching at home will be able to hear real crowd noise combined with that fake crowd noise. So it'll be similar to an NFL broadcast. Reporting live at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, Nick Calloway, CBS2 News.

- OK Nick, thank you.