A's Fans Back In The Game For Opening Day

The coliseum will allow about 26% fan capacity for the season opener.

Video Transcript

- The 2021 Major League Baseball season kicks off today. For the first time in 18 months, the Oakland A's are playing in front of a home crowd.

- And CBS13's Steve Large live in Oakland with some of the changes to keep the fans there and the players also safe. Steve?

STEVE LARGE: Yeah, what a symbol for the reopening-- baseball's back. And I'm standing inside the Oakland Coliseum-- RingCentral Coliseum is what they're calling it now.

You know, when you go to a baseball game, you've got to get that dog? One big change when you go into the baseball stadium or arena ballpark this time, you're not going to have that area where you put the mustard and ketchup on your hot dog. Of course, they want to keep that clear. The only way you're going to get food is mobile pick up orders. You're going to have to wait for a confirmation, have your order number ready, and you're going to pick up your food right here-- walk from your seat.

Another thing we've all become familiar with, hand sanitizing stations. They're all over RingCentral Coliseum.

And hey, here's the moment we've been waiting for, right? No fans in ballparks around the country for more than a year. Just take this in right now. The Oakland A's getting ready for their Home Opener against the Houston Astros. And wow. Opening Day bunting is up. You can see the players, they're stretching it out right now.

There haven't been any fans in these seats since October of 2019, so there are going to be some changes here. This is a big ballpark and it can actually fit 60,000 plus, but because Alameda County happens to be in the orange tier, Major League Baseball is only allowing 33% capacity. And in fact, the A's said they can't fit 33% capacity because there won't be enough social distancing, so they're only allowing 26% capacity. That equals out to about 12,000 fans that will be in the stands for Opening Day. But those fans are going to be sitting in these seats in two and four person pods.

First pitch, 7:05. I wish it was a day game. I'll take some of [? Dave ?] [? Bender's ?] thunder, it's a beautiful day for baseball. But it's 7:05 first pitch. And the fans are going to be entering the Coliseum for the first time in over a year an hour before that. Guys?