Fans gear up for return of Battlehawks football season

ST. LOUIS – The return of football in downtown St. Louis is just over a month away.

The “ka-kaw” call has returned as the team announced the 2024 schedule today, where the new UFL team is set for a 10-week regular season.

“I’m always excited that now we got a football team back in St. Louis,” Ashley Holman, fan, said. “I was a little sad when the Rams left, but now that (the Battlehawks) are back, we can go to some football games.”

The Dome at America’s Center will be hosting five games for the football team.

The Battlehawks season begins March 30 at the Michigan Panthers, but the first home game will be held April 6 against the Arlington Renegades.

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“(We are) extremely excited; we are going to be extremely packed,” Miana Syms, a Syberg’s kitchen manager, said. “We welcome all people around St. Louis to come down with all the costumes.

It will be extremely packed in here, (with) people standing close to each other and supporting. It’s a big party place here.”

The Battlehawks will face Memphis, Houston, Washington, D.C., and San Antonio in April, meaning sports fans will have new teams to root against this season.

Downtown workers and businesses are excited for the return of tailgating and the camaraderie of customers coming to watch the games.

“When Kroenke took the Rams away, that hurt a ton,” Ben Trask, fan, said. “Definitely switched to Battlehawks. We tailgate at the MAC and get on the rooftop… it’s a great time; Ka-Kaw!”oo

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