Fans mark 100 days to the World Cup in Qatar

STORY: Interactive events were set up at shopping malls in the Middle Eastern country where fans, young and old, could try their ‘foot’ at different challenges including kicking balls into targets and dribbling through obstacles.

Attendees also had the chance to win tickets to the finals which reports indicate will now begin on November 20.

Multiple reports indicate the opening match pitting Qatar against Ecuador has been moved up a day from November 21 to November 20.

With many locals applauding the reported change, a Canadian living in Doha, Shahram Konoodi, worried fans coming from overseas could face some logistical problems.

“People have bought tickets, plane tickets, hotels, so I don’t know how this one day move, how it will impact all this planning. But one day for us, it doesn’t matter because we live here and we just go on a different date,” Konoodi told Reuters while attending a countdown event at a Doha shopping mall.