Fans Pray for Dog the Bounty Hunter's Recovery After Possible Heart Attack

Gary Trock

Dog the Bounty Hunter is currently hospitalized after suffering a medical emergency, and fans are hoping the reality star is able to make a full recovery.

Shortly after news broke that Dog was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after showing signs of a possible heart attack, fans began flooding social media with prayers and well-wishes for the famous bounty hunter.

"Hope you are ok Dog. Get well soon," one person wrote, while another wrote, "Feel better Duane."


Dog The Bounty Hunter Hospitalized for Possible Heart Attack, Undergoing Tests

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As we reported, the reality star was hospitalized after pain in his chest gave worry that he may have been experiencing a heart attack.

We're told members of the Chapman family rushed to be by his side while doctors performed tests to try and determine what exactly ailed the bounty hunter.

The family is still dealing with the death of Beth Chapman, after her tragic battle with cancer, and some feel that the loss of his beloved wife may have something to do.

"Awww feel better dog he is missing Beth wow," one fan theorized.

It's unclear what the next steps for Dog will be, as sources close to the situation tell us surgery may be an option for the star.

The medical blow comes right in the middle of Dog's publicity tour for his new reality show, "Dog's Most Wanted," that showcases his final days as a bounty hunting team with late wife, Beth.

Dog has been making the rounds to different TV shows discussing the loss the new show and the loss of Beth, who was instrumental in getting the family back on the air.