Bethpage Air Show postponed until Sunday

The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach was postponed Saturday due to inclement weather. It is scheduled to happen Sunday.

Video Transcript

MARK MARZA: Before the Bethpage Air Show was officially postponed, some people arrived bright and early to try to get a spot in the sand.

MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH: Eyewitness News reporter Kristin Thorne got to speak with that family from Lindenhurst, got up so early, joins us live from Jones Beach. Kristin, good morning.

KRISTIN THORNE: Good morning, Michelle and Mike. I have to tell you, it's never a good thing when you come to Jones Beach on Memorial Day weekend and have to put on pretty much your winter weather gear. I forgot my gloves in the truck. I wish I had them. It's freezing out here. But yes, the Roden family from Lindenhurst came here bright and early this morning still hoping to make this happen. Here's some video of them trying to pitch this tent. You try pitching a tent in the wind out here right now. It is very, very difficult.

The Roden family has been coming here for the last 15, 16 years. They expected 70 of their family and friends to be here today. So they did, of course, have to pack up the tent and come up with some other plans for the rest of the day. And they just told us how disappointed they were and how a lot of people are feeling. Last year, they also didn't go on because of the pandemic, and this year, it's because of the rain.

JEFF RODEN: It is absolutely disappointing, absolutely. We look for this for the whole year. Every year, like I said, the grand-- how more have you been coming here, Al, with us? It's got to be-- he's 16-year-old now.

- Yeah, I'm 16, probably since I was born.

JEFF RODEN: He's literally been 16 years. So it's been amazing.


KRISTIN THORNE: Well, the Roden family is not letting this damper their plans for the Memorial Day weekend. We asked them, well, what do you plan to do after this? They're going to head over maybe to Islip to Heckscher State Park there and have all their family and friends go there. At least, it will be less windy as they said.

So if you purchased a parking pass-- if you remember, COVID restrictions for the Air Show this year, everyone had to have a parking pass-- if you purchased one for the sold out show today, it was supposed to be sold out, they're saying that you can now use that QR code to attend any two days a New York State Park here on Long Island this summer.